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Improving fitness has a lot to do with adaptability and our Nyack Fitness was amazing at doing so for our members fitness and lives.  As new doors opened for our team we adapted quickly to the changing environment and have successfully transitioned our group fitness and training offerings to online and at home.  Our trainers are now operating independently of NF but we are still steadfast at providing personal training and group fitness to our community. In some respects our services are better than before.  We encourage you to not dismiss the changing environment and adapt with us. 

Personal Training Online or at Home

Our personal training program is no longer at the facility and our trainers are independent but our service still upholds the same standards.  Connect with us to get started on an exciting change to our personal training that is guaranteed to be amazing


Online Classes

Classes and online training continue
on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Instructed by Jeff Castaldo and Chris Nordstrum

Nyack Fitness University

Follow us on YouTube and check out some of our classes and other exercises to improve your fitness at home or anywhere. This November we will be sharing creative exercises designed by NF to treat common muscular pain. We will also be sharing some insight on popular exercises to improve their efficacy. 

Our Method

We believe exercise is medicine for your body. Experience how good your body can be, confident of your movements and  pain free. Our pros will teach you how to work smarter to gain vitality and optimal performance.