As a full-service health club, we are committed to the overall health and wellness of each of our members, of all ages. Our overall approach to the fitness programs offered at NyackFitness is based on the scientific anatomy of our bodies and the way we function and move in our everyday lives.


Our spacious and natural sun-lit facilities offer members a safe, friendly and motivating environment to work out in.  NyackFitness provides all of our members with access to workout equipment, cardio machines, free weights and more.  With a variety of personal training and small group fitness classes, experience first-hand the numerous physical and mental benefits of personalized fitness programs provided by our personal trainers and staff at NyackFitness.


FAQ – What You Need to Know


What do I need to bring with me when I come? 

Just bring your motivation and willingness to work hard. Everything else is here.  We even provide towels, lockers w/locks, and a great community of friendly people all with the same goal – to get healthy!


I'm not in great shape.  Will I feel out of place here? 
This isn't one of those places where you need a state-of-the-art body or designer workout gear to feel at home. Everyone has to start someplace. Our staff is especially knowledgeable about helping beginners and avoiding injuries.


Had a bad experience at one of those chain gyms at the mall - I had a hard time getting motivated when it felt like nobody cared whether I was there or not.

Our skilled and supportive staff cares about your success.  People talk to each other and there's a great team spirit. There is nothing 'chain-store' about NyackFitness.  We provide a unique environment, with 24/7-access and parking.


I have a weird schedule and can't always workout during regular gym hours, how can I get in shape? 
Other than our group classes, everything else is available 24/7 at NyackFitness.  You will be given an all access card to enter into the club when it’s most convenient for you.


How do I register for classes?

Simply go to VISIT US and select the register for class link. Members can choose to access MindBody Connect App from their mobile device. Using your MindBody login you can register online or through Mindbody Connect. 


How do I enter the club?  

NyackFitness has a secured locked entrance. All members are given a key fob that opens the main entrance door upon arrival. As a Non Member visiting the club, simply ring the door-bell. 

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