2019 was our third Meters For Melanoma event.  We started hosting the event in 2017 after hosting a certification with U Can Row 2 Instructor Certification Course.  After our rigorous weekend course the owners and Master Instructors Terry Smythe and Sarah Furhmann took a few moments to speak about Melanoma and the Meters For Melanoma fundraiser.  Their informative speech inspired our staff to participate in the Mid West Melanoma Partnership Meters for Melanoma Annual Event.

Melanoma has been an increasing concern throughout the entire world.  Our future generations are becoming increasingly aware of these concerns and how they can protect themselves.  Thanks to organizations like Mid West Melanoma many lives are potentially being saved by the increase awareness and research funded by their support.  

Meters For Melanoma is not the only charity Nyack Fitness will be supporting throughout the year.  However we have a special connection with this event as rowing has changed many of our member's lives at Nyack Fitness including our staff.  Our goal for 2020 is to reach out to the community around us for the Meters For Melanoma Event and spread awareness throughout our neighborhoods.  

We look forward to seeing our members and neighbors at next years event!!!

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