Jill Cruz, MS, CNS, Director of Nutrition & Health Services at Nyack Fitness


Jill is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist with a strong background in functional medicine. She helps people lose weight, lean up, have more energy and vitality, and to be the best versions of themselves. She truly embraces her mantra “Eat Nutritious, Enjoy Delicious, and Be Judicious!”


Jill has developed a lifestyle behavioral change method called Casual Control™. Casual Control™ is an 8 step process that helps clients to achieve their goals in a systematic way by solidifying one new habit at a time. These changes become sustainable and enjoyable. When clients follow this process they are able to align their habits with their best intentions.


Since 2017 Jill has been working with clients at Nyack Fitness covering nutritional education, weight loss management, and health optimization. She offers a unique approach combining science-based knowledge, personalized nutrition, and practical solutions. Jill has successfully helped our clients with weight loss, reproductive health, balancing blood sugar and hormones, improving fitness performance, and overall health optimization.


She has also been the nutritionist at Hudson Valley Functional Medicine with Dr. Sheryl Leventhal since 2013, where she uses a diverse skill set in various dietary and lifestyle interventions. Jill treats a broad variety of conditions ranging from hormonal imbalance, GI dysfunction, autoimmune, chronic tick-borne infections, mold toxicity and more.


Integral to developing a spirited healthy body, Jill identifies with the importance of both nutrition and fitness. She herself is engaged in the personal training services of our highly skilled fitness practitioners. The synergies that are created when clients focus on both personalized nutrition and targeted physical training result in incredible achievements.  

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