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What works for one body might not work for another. As we all know, everybody is different, varying in abilities, strength, flexibility, neuromuscular control, and dysfunctions. Those dysfunctions prevent us from optimal movement or performing exercises as intended, rendering our hard work ineffective and, therefore, preventing us from achieving our goals. 

The first step we take in personal training is a postural and movement assessment. Our profound knowledge and extensive experience allow us to quickly find the strength and flexibility limitations. With those discoveries in mind, we create a custom program designed to correct all deviations and properly improve mobility, strength, and flexibility.

Stability and flexibility of muscles and joints are important to improving strength. If someone cannot support the full range of motion of a joint, they are potentially unable to achieve optimum strength. A unique aspect of flexibility in the programs we create for our clients is achieving an improved range of motion of joints through neuromuscular facilitated stretching. Those exercises are precisely tailored to the needs of the client’s body and, therefore, are highly effective, improving stability, flexibility, and strength simultaneously. 

Our philosophy is to prepare our clients for every movement, anytime, anywhere, and to not consider any sport or activity unachievable, at least within reason and after some guidance.

Personal Training



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„Less is More” 


„Over the years, Jeff evolved away from strenuous work out routines, toward a healing and more naturally intended movement of the body. I worked out with Jeff several times over the years but in May of 2020, I started doing Jeffs pre-recorded YouTube work outs. Suddenly, Jeffs expertise and knowledge fell into place. Coupled with no longer awakening each day to pain and aches or to the stress to get my insane work out for the day completed, I realized I converted from “No Pain No gain” to a “Less is More” state of being.”



The spine represents neutral alignment and homeostasis in the body. Most movements in a gym require a neutral spine, pelvis, and shoulders; however, in sports, the spine, hip, and shoulders will be mobilized based on the demands of the sport.

In the fitness world, the body's core is known as the spine and hip. The scapula can be added as well, especially with upper body movement. The more stable the spine, the better the mechanical advantage of the muscles that stabilize the rest of the body, therefore driving the arms and legs with optimal power and safety.

We begin each exercise by setting you up for stability, starting with a neutral spine alignment, followed by scapula pelvis, and then we place arms and legs where they need to be according to the exercise. The spine is the beginning of a stable body that can generate maximum power, strength, and flexibility. Therefore, all my clients will undergo a static and movement assessment to determine their preliminary programming needs. This will ensure the client is informed of the movement dysfunctions and learns the proper body awareness to move with stability, efficiency, and accuracy. Preparing my clients creates a safe and effective fitness program to improve longevity and performance in daily living and sports. 

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