We believe exercise is medicine for your body and to work harder you have to first and foremost work smarter. Experience a comprehensive approach to building a fitness program that is specific to your fitness goals and physiological needs.  Our team is skilled in creating a foundational program to increase range of motion, strengthen and stabilize the joints in your body.


Our foundational phase one program will give you the strength and ability to move through full range of motion with control and confidence. We will educate you on your individual needs to improve the health of your muscles, bones and joints. 

Phase two programming is an integration program enhancing the power your body can generate by strengthening muscular subsystems and influencing underactive and overactive muscles to work in equilibrium.  


Phase three programming is the sport of exercise.  By the time we enter this phase of programming you have overcome muscular imbalances, joint inflammation, postural dysfunction and have given yourself a new engine.  Our programming will put you through rigorous challenges to optimize each energy system, safely, efficiently and effectively. 


The final stage is capitalizing on the healthy condition of your new body to participate in the various physical activities and hobbies that you desire.


Introductory promotion:  88 days of training, 4 payments of $492

For additional pricing and packages ask our NF Pros.


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